Hello world! As you may recognize from the webpage address, my name is Carl Ashworth. I am currently a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison . I am also an airman at the 115th fighter wing as a client systems specialist awaiting. I just finished up basic training at Lackland Air Force base and am now in technical training at Keelser Air Force base to become a client systems (IT) specialist. I plan to upload a blog post once per week based on a variety of topics. Since I am currently going for either a business management and entrepreneurship degree or and economics degree, many of my posts will be about how to market yourself, stand out, and stay disciplined every day. If you have any suggestions or would like to learn more/hear more about something more specific, feel free to contact me through email, linkedin, or send me a DM on instagram.


Is your service lacking? Take a second to look…

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. Below is another short podcast regarding the importance of analyzing the current market to see if you can offer a competitive advantage over your competitors. I discuss a disappointing experience I had at Aveda related to this topic. Thanks for listening!